Delta Energy DMCC

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Delta Energy

Delta Energy (Delta Energy DMCC) was established in UAE, under DMCC to carry out all such activities as the DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) Authority may permit.

Delta Energy DMCC operates at the core of international petroleum industry concentrating on global fuel oil supply management, involved in a number of trading activities mainly to source, transport, store, market and supply of Fuel Oil, Gasoil/Diesel, Gasoline, Jet A-1, and LPG Mix.

Today Delta Energy is one of the petroleum products players in the Gulf / Indian and Red Sea regions registered with major oil and gas companies, and a placement specialist with Oil and Gas Investors to bid and negotiate for hydrocarbon activities. Optimized Network, including storage facilities. Strategic partnerships with suppliers and distributors. Communication channels for information and operational improvements such as cross docking, direct shipping and third party logistics.

Delta Energy is partnered with UAE Banks and other financial institutions around the world to obtain services that include; Bid Bonds, Commercial, Back-to-Back, and Transferable L/Cs enjoying a first-class international banks with an external rating of “A”.

Possessing access to the financial markets segmented into petroleum trading, Delta Energy also offers advisory syndication, structured finance and other financial solutions that are Shari’a compliant.

Identify market opportunities for the delivery of products with a scope of work, that consists of (a) market orientation resulting in competitive positioning, and (b) targeting small to medium ticket end-users .

Create Joint Ventures between other Energy players and Investors of Oil & Gas to participate in global petroleum trading.

Establish global network of representatives, agents and forwarders to ensure shipments arrive at destination.

Where we operate

Delta Energy operates globally with a strong presence in North and East Africa, Asia, Pacific Asia, Far East, Maldives, Indian Ocean Islands, the Middle East, and European petrochemical markets.